12 Nisan 2015

the weekend...

this weekend in Berlin was really HOT ! (like me)
 summer is on the way! so lets do something new...i think its the best think that i do, at this weekend.
the new haircut...

these are the new sneakers of Chanel..they are extreme cool !!!
(please dont see my black sock, i had a black long sneaker thats why !)

these new sneakers of Chanel is of course from Paris...and the material is classic Chanel fabric which is the signature of Chanel.

and when its combinated, with so modern materials, it became of course really unique!


actually the weekend began sunny and hot...
than as you see, so rainy!
but still hot...(i hope it will be so)


a rainy saturday view from my flat... 19.03PM Berlin-Kreuzberg

have a wonderfull Sunday

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